Excited Papaya Ex Swears to Cherish Lil Baby's Handshake Forever

Popular Nigerian influencer and fashionista Papaya Ex recently had a rare encounter with American rapper Lil Baby at a show where he performed. She shared a video of herself trying to get his attention, and she was lucky enough to get a shake from him.

Papaya Ex was so excited that she vowed on Instagram to never wash her hands again. She wrote, "Safe to say @lilbaby is in love with my delulu self 🥹❤️ I'm never washing my hand😭😭. Man's too fresh damnnnn my ovaries 🫢, I feel like I need to wear gloves till forever so nobody touches my hand😩."

She also added, "@lilbaby I'm your new girlfriend, okay ? Yes🥺❤️"

Papaya Ex's post went viral, and many fans commented on how relatable it was. One fan wrote, "I feel you girl! If Lil Baby shook my hand, I would never wash it again either." Another fan wrote, "You are so lucky! Lil Baby is one of the hottest rappers in the world right now."

It's clear that Papaya Ex is a huge fan of Lil Baby, and she's sure to cherish this memory forever.

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