Two years after marriage, lady calls out kid sister for snatching her husband

A married Nigerian woman calls out her kid sister allegedly for taking over her marriage and completely snatching her husband from her.

A Facebook user identified as Mary Peter Obeten took to the platform to share photos of her husband in a cuddly position with her husband.

In the caption of the post, she alleged that her husband and her kid sister were having an affair that has now cost her their two-year marriage.

According to her, her younger sister snatched her man from her even though she did not elaborate on how or what led to the allegations.

“My kid sister has finally succeeded in taking my husband as her husband may God judge you amen,” she wrote.

The post has since generated tons of reactions from social media users who were left hanging with details of the issue.

Reactions trailing lady who called out kid sister for snatching her husband

Tina Agbor penned: “Like say na Nigerian film, so you didn’t see any man apart from your own sister husband. God will judge you.”

Emmanuel Mbang exclamated: “Jesus Christ…….someone should tell me is a dream.”

Nko Offor corroborated the story: “it’s not a joke ooh her husband is my language person I heard she arrested him wen she find out.”

Clement Ebri said: “What a world? My dear, the lord will comfort you and give you a better replacement. Ur husband did not worth you. But if she did that through other means. The lord will exposed her some day.”

FireBoy Uket stated: “No no no this is not fair now dear don’t worry about that God will fight for you okay just be strong πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.”

Alahji Danjuma added: “This is a barbaric act, So what are you your parents reactions over this issues?”

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