Happie Boys set to be deported back to Nigeria for living illegally in Cyprus


As a result the Apostle stopped sponsoring their education and they could not afford to renew their student permit anymore, thus dropping out of the school.

Along the line, they had an issue which required to Police intervention and there it was discovered that their student permit had expired and they were living illegally as dropouts.

Happie Boys may likely serve a jail term for about three months to one year and will be deported afterwards to Nigeria, banned from ever returning to Cyprus.

HAPPIEBOIS, set to be deported back to Nigeria, as soon as they finish serving their jail terms, arrested for living illegally in northern Cyprus.

Following the trending news of Kelechi and Johnson aka (Happibois), “All viral Blog” wanting to know the circumstances surrounding their @rrest, We learnt that the duos were @rrested because they were living in the Northen Island of Cyprus illegally, after the fell off with their sponsor Papa O.P.M, whom gave them a scholarship after they were fired from chicken over a viral dancing video of them while at work.

After their rebellious act towards Papa O.p.m pastor Chibuzor Chinyere, which part of it included a bl@ckm@il from them, and unnecessary dragging on social media , the pastor has since distance himself from them, he also offered to Pay for their flight to come back to Nigeria but they refused and Made jokes off the pastor that sponsor them to north Cyprus.

However their “Student Permit” which is supposed to be renewed within every six months or one year, Expired and according to north Cyprus student laws, during your duration of study in the country, as an international student you are advised/mandatory to always Renew your student permit every 6month/1year depending on the school you are admitted into.

But after their fell out with pastor Chinyere whom sponsored them, they went broke and were no longer able to renew their Student Permit, hence this was the beginning of the end of their problems, as they stopped going to school and started living in the island illegally.

The duos tried comedy, amongst many talent just to fend money for themselves but it didn’t work, they even released a song which didn’t even made it to top 900.

Along the line according to reports they eventually fell into a problem that involved Policemen to be promptly invited, upon their arrest, the Cyprus police discovered their student permit has since expired, they failed all their courses , and they are dropouts living in the country illegally

According to reports HAPPIEBOIS will and may likely stay in prison for a period of 3months to one year, after which they will deported to Nigeria and blacklisted from ever entering Cyprus

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