EFCC chairman orders operatives to declare assets


The new chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ola Olukoyede, has directed all staff members to immediately declare their assets. This directive was given on Tuesday at the commission's headquarters in Abuja, and is in line with civil service regulations and procedures.

Olukoyede stressed that fighting corruption required those at the vanguard to be above board, and that adherence to the rule of law would be an article of faith and a defining principle of work. He also reminded staff that the EFCC is a creation of the law, and that they must do their job in line with its dictates.

Olukoyede assured staff that everyone would be declaring their assets, from Level 17 downward. He said that he had already done his own, and that there was no reason for anyone to be afraid to do the same. He also pointed out that the commission's secretary had already declared their assets, and that many staff members may have done so in the past, but that there was a need for all of them to do it again.

Olukoyede went on to say that the EFCC must live above board by setting the pace with good examples. As anti-corruption fighters, he said, their hands must be clean, so they must declare their assets.

In addition to declaring their assets, Olukoyede also urged staff to be professional and to pay premium attention to the basis of fighting economic and financial crimes. He pointed out that such efforts should be geared towards growing the economy of the nation, creating a rightful environment for enhanced investment, and strengthening the productive base of the economy.

Olukoyede added that the EFCC must do its job to add value to the nation. Investors must have confidence in the economy, he said, and the EFCC must help the country to be governed in an accountable and transparent manner. By doing this, he said, the EFCC could offer a new direction to redeem the image of the nation.

Olukoyede concluded by assuring staff members of a better welfare package, enhanced training, and equal opportunities to ensure higher productivity. He also warned those compromising their work and position to desist from such conduct, as dire consequences awaited every unsavoury tendency.

In summary, the new chairman of the EFCC has directed all staff members to immediately declare their assets, and has reiterated the importance of adherence to the rule of law and professional conduct. He has also pledged to improve staff welfare and training, and to ensure that the EFCC plays its role in growing the economy of the nation.

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