NEWS: EFCC Fears Only God – Ibrahim Magu

Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, has said the Commission fears nobody except God.
In an interview on EFCC Alert, a monthly publication, Magu insisted that the Commission cannot be deterred from fighting corruption in Nigeria.
Magu, who disclosed that his vision is to take the fight against corruption to the grassroots, noted that the commission has reached a level where nobody can stop it from executing the anti-graft war.
He said,
``The days of impunity are over, victory is certain for the common man.
Apart from bringing corrupt public officers to justice, we are determined, in line with the stance of the current administration, to send an unmistakable message to everyone, that no Nigerian shall be regarded as being above the law or treated as a sacred cow as far as the fight against corruption is concerned.
Apart from the fear of God, we have no other fear, and apart from the interest of Nigeria, we have no other interest.
We are all stakeholders, and this fight is for the future generation.
We are on a fight to retrieve Nigeria from the corrupt, because winning the war, is key to our happiness, prosperity, development and dignity as a nation.
Officers and men of the EFCC are resolved, focused and remain unperturbed.
On my watch, where hapless Nigerians are defrauded, EFCC will swiftly come to their aid; were powerless Nigerians are short-changed, EFCC will intervene; where there is impunity, EFCC will step in and level the field.
The struggle to enthrone a just and equitable society has been, and will continue to be my life.
Magu also dismissed claim that the commission witch-hunts those perceived to be “enemies of the present administration.
We don’t chase innocent people, but thieves of state resources."

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