ENTERTAINMENT: Top 3 Most Awkward Song Lyrics of All Times

Pop music is full of wonders, super hits and sometimes awkwardness. No doubt, pop music has got a seriously considerable following but guess what? This music genre has produced most loveable songs as songs with the most awkward lyrics. Let’s discuss the level of the awkwardness of those songs. In my list of the top most awkward songs of all times some songs are old too but trust me you will find them highly hilarious and awkward as hell.
1.Detachable Penn*s
Lyrics of this song circle around a guy who possesses a detachable penn*s. This song was sung by the King Missle in 1992. The starting lyrics of song are “I woke up this morning with the hangover of the last night with my penn*s missing”. This first line of this song explains why I put this song at the No #01 spot in the list. Actually, in this song the singer is telling the tale of a guy who loses his detachable penn*s and in the rest of the song he keeps contacting his friends to ask about his private organ. Everyone denies about his part and at last he finds a man who was selling it on the road for 20 bucks from where he buys it for 17 bucks (after a long bargain).

2.Let’s Talk About S*x
This song was released in early 90’s and you should probably know that was the time such lyrics where considered as bold enough to censor on the radio. This song was sung a Salt – n– Peppa and was released in 1991. The lyrics of the song cover full sex urges without any shame and that is the reason why these lyrics still rock the hearts of the young sex lovers. As I mentioned earlier, at the time of its release the topic was considered as more than bold but this song hit the milestones in today’s era. The starting lyrics of the song say, “let’s talk about the s*x baby, just you and me”.

3.I want to s*x up
The starting lyrics of the song explains the awkwardness of the full song. Let me write the full starting lyrics for you and believe me this full phrase is going to increase the rate of awkwardness of the song by 100 times i.e. I want to sex you up whole night. Actually, theme of this song is very interesting because in this song a guy picks up a foxy girl saying “I want to sex you up whole night” and the girl agrees to go with him. If you are thinking to do the same thing to your crush, then better stop here because such things never happen in the real life. In case, if you have already made this mistake then you will end up in jail not bed. 

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