ENTERTAINMENT: The History Of Bobrisky And How He Risked His Way Into Gay Mess

When Nigerian cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, better known as ‘Bobrisky’ first emerged on the social media as a public figure, there were many questions as regards his sexuality.
But the Ogun State-born self styled ‘male barbie’ claimed he was just an entrepreneur in the cosmetic business,using an unusual method to sell his products.
In a famous interview with Potpourri, Bobrisky openly denied being gay, affirming his earlier claims that he is just a businessman.
However, series and series of posts on his Instagram page suggested otherwise because he was always insinuating of having a super rich boyfriend who is pampering him with luxury.
Though he has consistently stated that he toned his skin as an assurance to prove the efficacy of his products to prospective clients, he was arrested and publicly disgraced by the police sometime in 2011 for adorning himself like the opposite sex and through series of controversial social media posts.
His Beliefs, Love him, hate him for whatever reason you choose, he is a non-conformist, heavily criticized for his lifestyle, beliefs and controversies. Irrespective of the criticism he has had to grapple with, he has been able to do one hell of a job in stamping his personal views and beliefs on whoever cares to slug it out with him.
Guided by the mantra that it’s practically impossible to please humans no matter how hard you try, Bobrisky has created a niche for himself. Little wonder he cares less what anyone thinks about his lifestyle. Bobrisky has been known to clad himself with colorful feminine dresses. From full flowing dinner gowns to simple play wear, casual outfits, to elegant aso ebi attires, he has proven to be a showcase of feminism. Constantly rocking high heeled feminine foot wears confidently like he was naturally meant to, he boasts of being able to rock them better than the ‘so called ‘females’.
In a bid to look like the total package of a lady and also follow the fashion trend in the society, Bobrisky adorns himself in array of classy wigs, eye lashes, nails and accessories. Posts that complicate his personality Proudly styling himself the ‘baddest bitch’ and ‘Miss Bobrisky’, he was obviously ruffling the hornet’s nest. Throwing caution to the wind with reckless abandon, he once claimed to squirt for his mysterious lover who he boasts is Africa’s fourth richest man, a sexual feat most women rarely experience.
After the death of popular gay Congolese, Paul Arduad, who died after a long battle with anal cancer, Bobrisky schooled the public on how to be a successful homosexual. He also made controversial remarks about ladies who have all the feminine endowments and are yet to have a ‘Bae’ that is rich enough to give them seven million naira and get them a house in Lekki, something he claimed to have gotten on a platter of gold. He has also declared in a post on Snapchat, how he is going to be a beautiful bride to his mystery Bae, boasting he is a ‘billionaire’s wife’ after he posed with a 1.8million naira worth of necklace.
With his recent declaration that he is gay, it is hard to argue if it’s all been a business strategy or he is actually gay.
Messes he created along the way Irrespective of whose ox is gored; Bobrisky has earned a reputation for fighting dirty on social media.
Bobrisky versus Toyin Lawani
Bobrisky was recently arrested in Lagos and has linked his arrest to fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani. The duo used to be good friends until recently when they had a fall out. Toyin made a post on Instagram sometime ago and Bobrisky who is famous for not letting whoever speaks bad of him go easily, dragged the CEO of Tiannah Empire mercilessly all over Snapchat.
Speaking to LIB, Bobrisky said Toyin directed her lawyer to write a petition against him for refusing to apologize after he insulted her on social media and also accused him of selling creams to her customers.
“Toyin Lawani asked her lawyer to write petitions against me that I worked for her and I’m selling creams to all her customers, which is a fat lie. I never worked for Toyin, She was my friend. I can’t remember ever working for Toyin or learning how to make creams from her” he said.
Bobrisky versus Denrele
Media personality, Denrele Edun, has always claimed to be the pioneer male cross-dresser but he has always been compared to Bobrisky since the latter surfaced on social media. Denrele has often kept mum regarding posts comparing him to Bobrisky until he replied a twitter user who said Bobrisky has kicked him out of stardom.
“Thanks for your analysis, but funny enough, can you define stardom? Because I’ve been gaming in the media industry since 1995! I’m not anybody’s mate!” the fashionista replied.
As expected, Bobrisky swiftly replied Denrele;
“Sit down and learn from the new boss” adding that Denrele was jealous of him.
Bobrisky versus Freeze
Also on the list is controversial OAP, Freeze who is popular for preaching and mocking men of God on social media.
The drama started after Freeze shared a video of himself playing with his son. In the video, his son asked him not to wear his mom’s shoes and Freeze replied saying he wouldn’t wear it because he was not Bobrisky.
Bobrisky being the king of clap backs, as he is quick to reply his haters, replied Freeze by calling him a stupid he-goat who is always trying hard to get his attention. He also added that he doesn’t know who Freeze is.
In reaction, Daddy Freeze, as he is commonly referred to, fired back at Bobrisky, calling him a used tampon, a bleached brain and an inanimate object.
Bobrisky versus Tunde Ednut
Erstwhile singer turned comedian, Tunde Ednut, has been in a love-hate relationship with Bobrisky for a while now, as they both find pleasure in dragging each other out on social media. Tunde being a social media curator of funny things is fond of mocking Bobrisky. He once uploaded videos that showed Bobrisky’s famous ‘mansion’ being emptied and claimed the owner of the house had ejected him because his rent had expired.
Bobrisky clapped back at Tunde revealing that the singer once asked him out. The battle of mockery continued endlessly because Tunde Ednut recently mocked him on social media saying Bobrisky has body odour.
Bobrisky versus Speed Darlington
Bobrisky once claimed to be prettier than 70% of Nigerian women and this did not sit well with people especially controversial American based Nigerian singer Speed Darling. The singer took to Bobrisky’s Instagram page to call him out saying he only just followed the snapchat queen and is already thinking of following him. Bobrisky as usual retorted, calling the singer a goat.

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