AFFILIATES: Oriflame Affiliates Program : How It Works

Affiliates in Oriflame business simply make money from team building ie. building active team of Oriflame consultants. If you become Oriflame affiliate, you can earn up to 21% on the sales of every consultant you invite to join Oriflame business. Oriflame Sweden company will pay your performance bonus aka salary directly into the bank account you provided in your profile, first week of every month.
Mind you, you can make money from Oriflame from product sales without inviting people to join the business. So, it is not compulsory you refer people to join Oriflame before you can start making money from the business. You can just buy Oriflame products and resell for instant profit but if you want to earn more money, win cash awards and free tickets to travel around the world, you should consider building a team of active consultants as this makes it very easy for you to climb to the top of the Oriflame success plan.
I am Oriflame affiliate in Nigeria and I’ve been receiving monthly payments from Oriflame since I joined the business and that is why I love writing more about the business. If you’ve been following my posts, you will also discover that I have an active Oriflame whatsapp group where I teach people how the Oriflame business works in Nigeria. If I am not making money from Oriflame business, then I can’t be wasting my precious time doing all that.

So, How Does Oriflame Affiliate Program Works?

For you to make money from Oriflame affiliate program in Nigeria,
  • you must be a registered Oriflame consultant
  • you must be active
  • and you must have active downlines registered under you.
oriflame affiliate program make money online

As a registered Oriflame consultant, you can register people when you are signed in to your Oriflame account on Oriflame website or via the Oriflame mobile app. Anyone you register will be captured as your downline and whatever business they do count for you
You can also generate your unique Oriflame affiliate link which you can share on social media, whatsapp chat, in blog posts etc. Anyone that clicks on your Oriflame link and fills the form will also be captured as your downline.
Now, lets assume you join Oriflame business this month and buy products worth 600 bonus points and you invite ten people who buy products worth 200 bonus points each.
As at the time of publishing this post, one oriflame bonus point (bp) equals 145Naira in Nigerian currency.
So, this means I assume each of your 10 referrals buy products worth N29,000 each (145 x 200bp) while you purchase products worth N87,000 (145 x 600bp).
Oriflame will pay you 3% of each N29,000 as performance bonus i.e N870.
Hence, you will earn total of N870 x10 = N8,700 as performance bonus for the month from your 10 downlines.
The bonus will paid to your bank account first week of next month.
In addition to this, Oriflame will pay you 6% of your own personal volume i.e 6% of 87,000 = N5,220.
So, in total, you will receive N8,700 + N5,220 = N13,920 in your bank account as your performance bonus.
Hence, the more active downlines you have registered under you, the more money you stand to earn as Oriflame bonus – and if you have an active downline that buy products worths hundreds of thousands, you can imagine how much you would earn.
Kindly note that the higher your position on the Oriflame success plan, the higher the percentage you will earn from your downlines sales. For example, if you are a 12% Oriflame consultant instead of the 6% consultant used in the calculation above, Oriflame will pay you 9% of the N29,000 of each of the 10 downlines used in the sample calculation above. More money, isn’t it? 😉
Also note that you will earn performance bonus from downlines your direct downlines invite to join the Oriflame business.  Awesome, right? 😉
Apart from the Performance bonus, there are also other bonuses you can earn if you invite people to join Oriflame. These include leadership bonus, director bonus, gold bonus, executive bonus etc
In Oriflame, there is no limit to what you can earn. 😉
If you join my Oriflame team, I will give you a free pdf that explains more on the Oriflame bp calculation, the Oriflame performance bonus etc
If you are already my team member, you can contact me to request for the pdf and I will send it to you.
You can email me or chat me on Whatsapp so I can register you for Oriflame business asap and guide you to the top.

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