ENTERTAINMENT: Ghen! Ghen! Prostitute Shoots Man For Perfoming S*x Act Wrongly

A 21-year-old woman allegedly shot a man in the back of the head because he performed a sex act wrongly.
Fox News reports that Marissa E. Wallen, told police she shot a man twice in the back of the head because he failed to perform a sex act as she expected.
The victim, later found by police, was taken to the hospital.
But he was unable to speak and communicated with hand signals.
Wallen is also accused of robbing the victim.
Court documents explained that police received a call on October 24 from the victim’s employer.
The 36-year-old victim worked from home, and the employer was concerned he hadn’t logged in for work in the morning.
Police went to the victim’s location and found the door unlocked.
Inside, police found the victim sitting against a wall in the master bedroom. The victim was unresponsive, but awake.

The fire department was called and crews determined the victim had been shot twice in the head.
The victim was taken to Providence Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit.
Police obtained a search warrant to the victim’s house and determined credit cards and a handgun were missing from the home.
Police reviewed security footage from the victim’s home that showed a young woman coming to the home five different times between October 7 and October 21.
Security footage from October 21 showed the last time Wallen entered the home. She walked in and left a short time later.
A check on the victim’s credit cards showed 82 charges totaling more than $10,000 was made between October 22 and November 5.
Video footage showed Wallen using the victim’s credit cards at Macy’s and other locations.
After her arrest, she admitted to police she was an escort and had been hired to have sex with the victim.
“Wallen was clearly proud of her life as an escort and even asked us to call one of her clients so that he could post her bail,” court documents allege.

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