NIGERIA @ 57! Happy New Month To Our Readers & Happy Independence Day To Nigeria

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1) Freedom in the mind, Faith in the words, Pride in our hearts & Memories in our souls...
Let’s salute, the nation onIndependence Day!

2) Thousands laid down their lives, For making our country create this day
Never forget their sacrifice… Happy Independence Day

3) We should take the pledge that
Till our last breath we will fight terrorism,
We will protect our country with all we have
Happy Independence Day!!

4) Others might have forgotten, But never can I,
The Flag of my country, Furls very high,
Happy Independence Day

5) Life is full of vibrations, not of bombs
But of harmony & happiness, Enjoy it with full masti, spirituality & rhythm.
Happy Independence Day

6) It is time for u to show ur freedom. Let urself be heard
Don’t follow others footsteps, Let urself fly free
You are independent after all!
Happy Independence Day.

7) Here’s wising our dreams, Of a new tomorrow
Come true for us... Now and always!
Happy Independence Day!

Cool Take a stand against evil, corruption & terrorism
For we belong to Nigeria, a nation of pride
& we will thus say:'Nigeria! Good peope,Great nation"

9) No nation is perfect, It needs to be made perfect
Contribute towards the perfection of your country.
Happy Independence Day.

10) Independence is a Precious, gift of God.
May We Always Remain Independent
A Very Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence day to Nigeria, the greatest African nation & black nation! Happy new month, guys.

No matter the condition of this country, I am still proud to be a Nigerian. My prayer is that as a country, may we finally grow, get better leadership and  may our people stop suffering.

I also wish everyone the best of October.

God Bless Nigeria

Happy Independence day to Nigeria and all Nigerians.

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