NEWS: Belinda Effah Withstands Dirty Men And This Is Reason

If you’ve been crushing on Actress Belinda Effah, and you know deep down within you that you’re the dirty type, I think you should truncate your emotions at this point.
Belinda Effah spoke with The Sun on the kind of man that can catch her fancy, her career and more during an interview.
Read excerpts below:
Tell us your kind of man
He must be God fearing, disciplined, clean and well dressed. He must be mentally, spiritually and emotionally clean. I can’t stand dirty environments or dirty people.
What’s your stand on domestic violence?
I stand against domestic violence. If a man hits you once, he will hit you again. Don’t let it happen. I am against divorce but if a man hits a woman, I advise she separates from him for a while, for him to return to his right senses.
What inspires you?
Ultimately, it has been God. I’m a very spiritual person. And I believe it was my calling to be an actress. He guides me and orders my steps on how and where I should be. I also draw inspiration from the people around me, my environment, the things I see and lots more.
Would you say you are a jealous lover?
Everybody has this iota of jealousy inside of them. So, if you say you don’t, then I doubt if you are a human being. I guess I am, but with time, I have learnt how to control it.
How far would you go to protect your relationship?
I’ll only be in a relationship with a matured mind, someone who knows the kind of job I do and understand me well. We would have mutual respect for each other. Whatever happens, I’ll always respect my partner and whatever issues we have, we’ll settle it indoors.

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