Davido Reacts To Caroline Danjuma’s Murder Accusation

A certain Nigerian actress Caroline Danjuma accused Davido for being involved with the death of a certain Tagbo who she claimed died in Davido‘s car and his body was dumped in front of a hospital by Davido and his crew.

Davido has finally replied to this accusation, he shared the below messages on his snapchat today
“He said ‘people are just wicked! This is what I get for treating everyone like a brother’. ‘It is also disappointing that false information ad complete lies have been put out there, using my name, as usual. Out of total respect for Tagbo and his family, I will not discuss this matter any further for now.'”

At this time, it is still unclear as to what exactly happened and how he died and why Davido has been linked to his murder. Hopefully in days to come, we will get more information as to events leading to his death.

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