Oh No! Complete Commotion As Lightning Strikes From The Sky Killing 6 Mourners At A Funeral

Six people attending a funeral in northern Zimbabwe have been killed by a bolt of lightning.
They were among a group of people who took shelter beneath a tree during a rain storm.
Heavy rains have been falling countrywide since the weekend, filling dams but also bringing hardship, and in this case tragedy, to communities.
The six were attending the funeral in a village in the remote northern Binga district.
The Chronicle is reporting that they took shelter beneath a tree that was then struck by lightning.
There have been a number of lightning deaths in Zimbabwe in the past, often when people are caught out as they shelter from heavy rain.
Separate reports say 30 families in Harare’s Budiriro suburb had to be evacuated after the Marimba River burst its banks and flooded their homes.

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