LIB Exclusive: Fake soldier who terrorises Agege community arrested in Lagos

The Lagos state police command apprehended a man, Benjamin, who terrorises residents of Agege while wearing the Nigerian Army uniform and hiding under the cover of the force.
Benjamin was arrested following complaints made by residents of Agege, Lagos. Police responded to the complaint to discover that Benjamin not only wears the army uniform to extort from citizens but he also engages in an illegal motorcycle trade in which he steals motorcycles and resells them.
Speaking to LIB, Benjamin, who is a father of two, confessed to the crimes and disclosed the price at which he sold some of the motorcycles.
“I sold one for fifty thousand Naira. I sold another one for seventy thousand Naira and another one for seventy-three thousand. The highest one I sold is ninety thousand Naira.” Benjamin said.
He also insisted that he had not stolen more than four motorcycles. When asked if his wife who lives with him was aware of his activities he said she knew nothing about it and denied ever wearing the army uniform.
However, the police sergeant, Egede West, who spoke with LIB countered his claims and said that he has, not just the army uniform, but also different uniforms belonging to various agencies.
“He has been terrorising and intimidating people with the uniform in the community where he stays at Agege and the community members, having observed him and his nefarious activities, informed the police. We went there and discovered that the information was true. He has uniforms, assorted uniforms, military and other agency uniforms which he uses to operate. We arrested him and he made statement and confessed to other activities, including stealing of motorcycles, snatching of different things, not only within Lagos but even in other states.” Sergeant West said.

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