Are you good at writing fiction stories? is looking for fiction writers

Are you passionate about writing fictitious stories? Do you love or have a keen interest in writing fiction stories? Are you an author in the making with several unpublished books on your laptop or do you aim to be one? Would you love to publish your African story to the world while you get paid?. If yes click more to continue………

We are seeking creative and talented individuals who know how to spin a good fictitious tale that would drive audience engagements. If you think that you are that individual, we are looking for then carefully follow the instruction outlined below and submit your entry.

If you have been seeking a platform where you can show off your incredible talent and get paid then Madivas story is  the right place as we have millions of viewers and writers. This is a chance to gain valuable exposure so don't waste anytime apply now!

Send a short of story of 500 to 800 words to and via PDF or Word attachment.
Kindly use “Madivas Short Fiction Story” as the title of the mail.
We would get back to you if we are interested in your work.
We have 4 fiction categories. See below.

We are not an okada but we can guarantee that your stories would get read by loads and loads of readers while you get paid for each fiction story. On the average, our stories get at least 50,000 pageviews.

See the finale of some of our interesting stories:

After the auction [Vampire Series]

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